Consumer Alert Part 4: How To Detect A Scammer By Phone

Consumer Alert: How to Detect a Scammer

In the fourth installment our series on garage door repair scams we are talking about ways you can determine a scam company simply from your interaction on the phone before they even have a chance to waste your time and possibly money with a visit.

Here are some things to listen for:

  1. Company Identity

    If the company is unclear or inconsistent on their company name: Beware. This is an attempt to distract and confuse you so you can't properly identify them later. They may even use names similar to ours and other reputable companies, so ask for clarification. 

    Generic names like "Garage Doors" or "Door Service" should be huge red flags. Remember, If they truly want long time customers instead of a quick buck they will make sure to let you know who they are!

  2. Company Name

    As we've mentioned before, our own company is often a victim of scam companies using a name similar to ours to latch on to our hard earned reputation. For this reason, we always encourage our customers to play close attention to the name and website of the repair company they are choosing! 

  3. Street Address

    Make sure to clarify their street address that you've verified on their website. If you have billing issues you'll want to know exactly who to contact and where, so make sure a physical address exists before doing business with the company.

  4. Check Reputable Dealer Databases

    The International Door Association has a great "find a dealer" database that will search reputable companies in your area by zip code found at this link.

    DASMA (or)  is a great resource for determining fair pricing and service for popular door products. 

If you are in need of garage door repair, sign up for our IDA and IDEA approved service by scheduling online here.